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 We are sustainable food advocates by nature and embrace a planet-friendly lifestyle.
We share this passion for responsibly grown food through our pizzas, salads, soups, and more.  

˜Planet-Friendly Sazza˜

♦ Source from local, organic, sustainable growers and suppliers
♦ Recycle the paper, glass, plastic, and metal we use to minimize our landfill contribution
♦ Compost food scraps and paper hand towels to reduce environmental impact and bring nutrients to the soil
♦ Promise our community and ourselves: Continually strive to do more!
♦ To-Go utensils, cups, lids, straws, napkins, containers and bags are made from renewable resources, compostable materials and are biodegradable.
♦ Gift Cards are 100% recycled PVC
♦ Paper menus, gift card holders, business cards and posters are made from recycled paper, agra-based inks and wind power.
♦ Receipt paper is BPA free
♦ Patio furniture is made from soda bottles
♦ Dining room tables were manufacturing remnants
♦ Glasses you sip from are recycled wine bottles
♦ Mismatched silverware is donated from customers kitchen drawers
♦ Mismatched employee shirts are donated for reuse by our customers
♦ Crayons are made from unwanted crayons collected by Crazy Crayon LLC and melted for reuse.

Jeff Rogoff
Jeff has over 25 years of restaurant experience. He is a graduate of DU (Denver University.)  The idea for Sazza was planted in 2004 and by June 2006 Sazza opened it’s doors in the Cherry Hills Marketplace. Jeff’s outgoing personality is seen on many days and evenings at Sazza in “The Hills” socializing with customers. When he is not at this location he is working hard on the opening of our second location at Stanley Marketplace (May 2017). “I have enjoyed watching Sazza grow to become a beautiful and vibrant part of the community”

Anthony Dillon- Floor Manager
Anthony has worked at Sazza since May of 2013.  He is proud to be a Colorado native. He enjoys watching the The Denver Broncos and anything Star Wars.  When you see him at Sazza feel free to ask him about any movie as he is a true movie buff. “I hope one day to get over my fear of bees, since they are good for the Earth” “Heard Confirm.”

Jennifer Hayes-Co-Owner
Jennifer has over 25 years of restaurant experience. She is the creative mind behind all of Sazza’s family recipes. You can find Jennifer behind the scenes making magic happen. “I am proud that Sazza has been here for a decade because it has been made possible by our extraordinary staff and customers”

 Ian Dawson-Floor Operations Manager

Ian is a Colorado native and grew up right down the street from Sazza. He has been working at sazza for over 5 years. He enjoys spending time with his dog Nymeria, who was named after a character in Game Of Thrones. He is an avid music fan so if you hear Led Zeppelin playing you know he is at Sazza. “The north remembers”

Nora Ramirez-Kitchen Manager {Multi-Tasking Ninja-aka “Chuck Norris”}
Nora has been part of the Sazza family for many years. She was born In Acapulco, Mexico and raised in Cancun, Mexico. Nora moved to Colorado in 2007 to finish and graduate high school. Nora’s pride and joy are her two children. Nora is grateful to be part of the Sazza family.  “I get the opportunity to learn something new everyday with the amazing people I work with”

 Sarah Hinckley-Director of Fun Stuff
Driven by an appreciation of her rural Maine roots, Sarah is setting the creative course for the Community Room at Sazza in the Stanley Marketplace.  With a background in journalism, food preservation and local food activism, Sarah is collaborating with Colorado’s most talented craftsmen and women to inspire us to live more simply with a greater quality to our life.