We are sustainable food advocates by nature and embrace a planet-friendly lifestyle.
We share this passion for responsibly grown food through our pizzas, salads, soups, and more.


♦ Source from local, organic, sustainable growers and suppliers ♦ Recycle the paper, glass, plastic, and metal we use to minimize our landfill contribution ♦ Compost food scraps and paper hand towels to reduce environmental impact and bring nutrients to the soil ♦ Promise our community and ourselves: Continually strive to do more!


♦ To-Go utensils, cups, lids, straws, napkins, containers and bags are made from renewable resources, compostable materials and are biodegradable. ♦ Gift Cards are 100% recycled PVC. ♦ Paper menus, gift card holders, business cards and posters are made from recycled paper, agra-based inks and wind power. ♦ Receipt paper is BPA free. ♦ Patio furniture is made from Accoya. ♦ Dining room tables were Semi-trailer floor boards. ♦ Wood paneling is Colorado Beetle Kill Pine. ♦ Glasses you sip from are recycled wine bottles. ♦ Mismatched silverware is donated from customers kitchen drawers. ♦ Mismatched employee shirts are donated for reuse by our customers. ♦ Crayons are made from unwanted crayons collected by Crazy Crayon LLC and melted for reuse.

Jeff Rogoff-Owner

My favorite Sazza Drink: Kombucha Mule or Arnold Palmer
My favorite Sazza Pizza: Double Dough Pepperoni & Sausage
Why I work at Sazza: “Because we are a beautiful and vibrant part of the community”
Jeff has over 25 years of restaurant experience. He is a graduate of DU (Denver University.)  The idea for Sazza was planted in 2004 and by June 2006 Sazza opened it’s doors in the Cherry Hills Marketplace. Jeff’s outgoing personality is seen on many days/evenings at Sazza at Cherry Hills Marketplace or our second location at Stanley Marketplace. When he is not at Sazza he is busy with his Two boys Izzak & Sam.
Favorite Sazza Pizza: BBQ Chicken on Double Dough
Favorite Sazza Drink: Herbal Arnold Palmer
Favorite Sazza Pizza: BBQ chicken on Double Dough
Favorite Sazza Drink: Root Beer float
Izzak & Sam: Why We Love Sazza: “Because it is local, organic & sustainable and our Dad owns the place”