We are sustainable food advocates by nature and embrace a planet-friendly lifestyle.
We share this passion for responsibly grown food through our pizzas, salads, soups, and more.


♦ Source from local, organic, sustainable growers and suppliers ♦ Recycle the paper, glass, plastic, and metal we use to minimize our landfill contribution ♦ Compost food scraps and paper hand towels to reduce environmental impact and bring nutrients to the soil ♦ Promise our community and ourselves: Continually strive to do more!


♦ To-Go utensils, cups, lids, straws, napkins, containers and bags are made from renewable resources, compostable materials and are biodegradable ♦ Gift Cards are 100% recycled PVC or made from sustainable forestry ♦ Paper menus, gift card holders, business cards and posters are made from recycled paper, agra-based inks and wind power ♦ Receipt paper is BPA free ♦ Patio furniture is made from soda bottles ♦ Dining room tables were manufacturing remnants and reclaimed Aspen trees. ♦ Glasses you sip from are recycled wine bottles ♦ Mismatched silverware is donated from customers kitchen drawers ♦ Mismatched employee shirts are donated for reuse by our customers ♦ Crayons are made from unwanted crayons collected by Crazy Crayon LLC and melted for reuse. ♦ To The Market makes our Eco-Friendly employee aprons. ♦ 10 Strawberry Street Denver, CO supplies us with our dishware.