1. Jeff is working hard to buy a used electric car to deliver Sazza food straight to your door.  The model we are looking for is 100% electric, we will not use any gas to deliver our food. Yes, we will need to plug it in for power. However, the fossil fuel usage is drastically diminished.  AND we are looking into a solar power station to plug into. Then we would only use the power of the sun to deliver pizza.  Cool.

2. Currently all of our to-go containers and items (salad boxes, utensils, cups, straws, and lids) are compostable.  Eco-Products, the company we purchase all these items from, is based in Boulder.  They used to produce everything in Boulder as well.  Now sadly, they are manufacturing in China. Boo 🙁  We are on a mission to still provide these compostable products but are working on securing a USA based manufacturing company.  We will keep you posted.

3.  Jeff and our managers are creating a seasonal drink list that is comprised of CO distilled only spirits and liquors. We have already switched our rum, that we use for mojitos, to a locally produced rum, Peg Leg. Learn more at http://www.drinkmilehighspirits.com/our-brands/. Stay tuned as they mix and taste new concoctions.

4.  Lastly, our T-Shirt drive has officially ended. Thank you to everyone who brought in a T-Shirt or two in exchange for some Sazza grub. We will now take all your donated T-shirts to the printer to re-purpose them into our staff shirts.

As always we thank you, our patrons, for keeping Sazza going one pizza and one salad at a time.  We are grateful for you all.

Jenni, Jeff, and the entire Sazza Crew