It was a warm, late September evening.  The table was set, menu planned and our guests were arriving to sip wine on the deck at Sazza.  The 4th Annual Farm to Table/Wine tasting dinner was underway.  The kitchen was bustling with Jenni at the helm preparing each course for our guests.  Jeff was found standing on a chair being a wonderful host and pouring wine.

This annual event takes place at Sazza.  Albeit a bit unusual that our guests sit in a chair they bring, at a table in a parking lot, but this is the epitome of our urban surroundings and gives new meaning to..”They paved paradise to put up a parking lot.” This is the beauty that we see, cherish and embrace.

Everyday of the year we are able to bring the farm to you.   We can’t think of a better way to celebrate community and sustainability with our version of a farm to table dinner.  This year we got the opportunity to sit with our friend’s, listen to Casey (Colorado Sustainable Farms), Brian (Grower’s Organic) our guest speakers talk about sustainable farming and know that the proceeds of the evening supported Mo Better Greens, a local food based non-profit.  As the courses rolled out of the kitchen our eyes delighted and our voices chimed, SA-ZA!!  We dined on soup, deviled eggs, salad of mixed greens, 3 fall inspired pizza’s, our signature dessert pizza and ice cream with preserves that finished off the evening.  

We are looking forward to many more farm to table dinners. Please join us each year in late September for a fun evening of friend’s, community and above all the love of local, organic and sustainable food!

Here is a list of the Colorado local purveyors that brought Jeff and Jenni’s vision to fruition. Hayes-Rogoff Backyard Farm, Stewart Family Farms, One Town Farm, Haystack Mountain, Johnson’s Acres, Colorado Sustainable Farms, Leopold Brothers, Kiawah Farms, Ela Farms, Sweet Action Ice Cream and Deliciousness jammy sauces with an adult kick.

Farm to Table Green Glass

A picture is worth a thousand words. Click the photo to enjoy the highlights.

Farm To Table Sazza 2015

What We Served For Dinner