On December 2nd, Sazza decided to do their first ever Holiday Food Artisan Showcase. It was time to get spiced up for the holidays, elevate our pallets, make our shopping list and check them twice.  We wanted to make the holiday season all about our Colorado local food artisans.  Sazza takes pride in the talented and socially responsible local food artisans and thought this would be a great way to share good will towards our purveyors during the holiday season.

It was a merry evening, Jenni and staff got the chance to sample several of our hand-crafted pizzas to our guests, that are made possible by our showcased food artisans.
Samples of cheeseburger pizza with Elevation Ketchup, chicken enchilada pizza with Captain Spongefoot Trading Company chipotle sauce and a PB&J pizza made with Modern Gingham’s mixed berry preserves were flying out of the kitchen.  Smith and Truslow organic spices adorned every dish, a kicked up version of Teatulia organic white tea was served with a bit of Leopold Brothers peach bourbon and a special mix of beers from Bristol Brewing Company.  The evening was topped off with Deliciousness Jammy Sauces with an adult kick on top of Sweet Action ice cream.

It was an honor to be able to chat with the food artisans and patrons about the importance of locally sourced food and what it takes to produce an artisan product. The food artisans were talking recipes and passing along holiday spirit through selling their wares.  Many were able to cross friend and family off holiday gift lists.

We look forward to doing more food artisan events every year that showcase the individuals who pour their heart and soul into the local products that we love so much. The evening was honestly the best food coma we ever had!

Sazza shelves